Modern technologies have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we live and think. World is getting smaller, distances shorter and countries closer to each other. Communications are increasingly affordable and reliable, making us interconnected. Knowing and understanding this globalized economy provides a tremendous advantage in terms of business development and cost reduction.

Founded in 2002, Method:e Interactive Studios is a leading provider of web solutions. Our areas of expertise include web design and development, corporate and product identity, graphical user interface design and large variety of multimedia products: from rich media banners to interactive CD/DVD presentations, flash games and 3D modeling. And Programming development expertise include PHP, ASP, .NET, COLD FUSION, YAHOO STORES, BLOGS, RTML, J2EE, CGI-PERL, JSP. 
Method:e Interactive Studios continuously improves its internal processes by perfecting Adapted Development Process; obtains and retains most talented professionals in the fields of creative web-building, graphic design, interactive multimedia production, web programming, project management, marketing and customer service. The company utilizes most advanced technologies to deliver world-class solutions to the clients. Our proven project development methodology is focused on on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. We continually invest in solid communication and production infrastructure thus eliminating communication and distance barriers. All of our software engineers and designers hold university degrees in Computer information systems and Arts. Method:e Interactive Studios’ top management has professional education and years of experience in the fields of finance, consulting, marketing, Internet and IT.

To increase our competitive value we have developed global distributed delivery framework that enables us to offer quality services at lower rates to businesses seeking to compete more effectively. Method:e Interactive Studios is headquartered and operates from india. Method:e Interactive Studios, continually expanding its live presence in the world, currently has representative office in US, Australia & Canada.